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Rebecca Benyo

This place is absolutely amazing.  My husband and I had been looking for an extracurricular activity to enroll our son in.  He has a learning disability  and some people tend to forget to be patient or take the extra time to break things down for him.  The trainers/teachers do just that.  They are patient and will take the time to work with him one on one.  They are so incredibly personal with our child; we definitely feel welcomed there.  This was the best decision we made our son.  I highly recommend Brasa Comprido BJJ. They go above and beyond for all of their students!

Dania Seaver

Coach Aditya And the facility are awesome.
Coach does a really good job explaining everything during techniques. He is always very patient and attentive with all the students regardless of expertise.

John Matta

I've been here for about two months now. This is my third brazilian jiu jitsu gym since I have moved around a lot. Aditya is the primary coach, and Marcelo teaches on Tuesdays. It's a safe and clean environment and a great place to start jiu jitsu. What marks good instruction (in my opinion) from bad instruction is whether or not the coach is working on and developing their own game. The instructors here do that well, sign up and you'll be in good hands.

Steve Lucking

So - first time reviewer here,, but I felt this gym was worth the time and effort to encourage others to check it out, from the perspective of a visitor. (If you ask me this is a valuable outside perspective for these types of establishments)
Unfortunately work keeps me out of the area so I'm only able to visit this gym while seeing the fam - in a nutshell though, and please don't tell my mother, it has become a toss up between getting to roll here and seeing the family as to what I'm most excited about when heading home. The instruction here is top notch and super technical and the instructors do a fantastic job of "walking the mats" to ensure everyone is getting the concept/technique and when they arent, gets hands on with a student until they do (if you ask me this is as valuable, if not more so, than the instruction itself)...and despite their accolades in international competition - they are also super humble, friendly, and open - they make you feel at home immediately and genuinely care about your development, even visitors.
That being said, this is not a gym/team for the feint of heart. The practitioners there are highly competitive and there is always a mixture of higher belts that you will roll with, and they will push you...the good thing is, like their primary instructors, they will take an interest in seeing you develop as a team member and will lend their instructive advice on how to improve your jiu jitsu game. 
This is a gym and community to be emulated in the larger jiu jitsu scene and I hope where ever I land to find one just like it.

Christopher Avila

Great coaches and very knowledgeable. I was surprised how much my daughter have learned in a short period of time. Highly recommend it for all ages.

Saman Kamali

Was looking for a new club after relocating to the area and so glad I found this place.  Excellent clean gym in great location with awsome friendly team members.  World class black belt instructors and high level bjj.  Great for beginners or experienced alike.  Looking forward to learning lots from these guys!

Chelsea Duggan

I have been practicing at Brasa Highwood for 1.5 years. I love it here! Coach Aditya and Coach Marcelo are so welcoming. They have created a welcome team environment where everyone works together. I have made new friends here as have my 3 kids. I love the family friendly aspect where you'll find parents rolling with their kids at the end of a class. BJJ can be challenging to learn with so many techniques but the coaches always spend extra time with us and help us reach our full potential. If you are looking for a place to learn self defense, get into great shape, be a part of a truly great group of people and learn BJJ - this is the place for you!

Ed Kaczmarek

My son just started his sessions and he enjoys the competitive atmosphere. Comprido and the team are making him feel welcomed. This is gonna be such a great challenge for my son who is a brain tumor survivor and up for anything. #TeamFight

Anaclaudia Costa

My daughter joined Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and she loves it! It helps her to improve confidence, friendship, respect and for sure it’s a great workout! Best Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu academy in Lake County. I highly recommended this school to anyone who wants to learn martial arts with a great professor!

Marcos Escobar

Great facility, top quality equipment and by far the best and most experienced instruction with top notch coaches. A place for the whole family to get healthier , in shape , make new friends and have a great time together!!

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