Rodrigo Comprido BJJ Brock Lesnar


When I decided I was going to compete in MMA, I set out to find the best Jiu-Jitsu trainer in the world. When I say the “best,” I considered everything: experience, accomplishment, intelligence, physical conditioning, communication, teaching ability and, most of all, integrity. I did my research and brought in a lot of guys, but nobody gave me the instruction and the challenge on the mat that I needed. Then, I met Comprido. After five minutes, I knew this was the guy. From incorporating the fundamentals of Jiu-Jitsu into my wrestling game to analyzing my opponents then teaching me what to look out for and what to exploit in my fights, Comprido played a vital role in making me the UFC Heavy Weight Champion. More importantly though, in an industry where everyone is looking to make a quick buck or jump on some new fad, Comprido’s integrity and passion for what he does is why he’ll always be a part of my team – and I’ll always be a part of his.”



Comprido was one of the best team mates I have ever. He has a great knowledge in Jiujitsu. At that time he helped me a lot in my Bjj fights and training. He is a great coach, one of the best I ever see. Why? Because he study a lot of Jiujitsu and I remember when I was purple belt at that time he knew the fight styles of my opponents. I never see that. His eyes is all over the tourneys which makes him one of the best. If you are in Chicago area I suggest you train with the best there and this guy is Prof Comprido. During the beginner of the 2000’s he dominated all the tourneys in BJJ. But always he always made a very good fighters on and off the mats. There is my advice guys!


Kid Peligro BJJ Author and expert

Rodrigo “Comprido” is one of the best instructors and competitors ever. His knowledge of the game goes beyond mere techniques, he captures and explains the essences of each position. In addition, he is one of the best strategists in the game. His dominance on the mats in the early 2000’s when he captured 2 World Absolute titles are proof of his greatness.

Best of all he is a great, long time friend, whose integrity and loyalty are tops. I cannot recommend him more both as an instructor and as a person.


Robert Drysdale

Rodrigo Comprido is not only an old friend but also an excellent teacher and one of the most ccomplished BJJ practitioners in the History of the sport.
He’s teaching methodology and skills on the mat are second to none. I highly recommend that all level practitioners of the sport begin training under his tutelage.

Fernando “Magrão” Gurgel

“I have had the honor and pleasure to be Comprido’s instructor from his blue to his black belt. He is a talented and dedicated athlete, who won everything in all the belts, culminating in two absolute black belt titles. I am happy to have contributed to his success and hope that he continues to enhance our sport.”